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Discerning Spiritual Operations I

DSO 130

DSO Course – Final
The gift of discerning of spirits has been so misused in the church today. This course reveals the gift of discernment and teaches you how to discerning yourself and others.
Intro to Bible Prophecy

BPH 201

Intro. to BP
This course will teach you the fundamentals necessary before approaching an indepth study of Bible Prophecy. You will understand how to interpret signs and symbols and much more.
Faith is the Holy Ghost I

FTH 101

FITHG Course – Final
In this enlightening and powerful study, you will learn what faith really is and how it operates. It gives a clear and biblical understanding of the operation of faith in the life of the believer.
Rightly Dividing the Word I & II


RDTW Course- Final
This course is designed to teach one how to study the bible “line upon line” and “precept upon precept”. It emphasizes the importance of allowing the scriptures to interpret themselves.
Thought War I & II

THW 101

Thought War Course – Final
Thought War explains the operation of the mind, heart and soul and identifies the spiritual makeup of man. It also explains operations such as hurt, unforgiveness, lust, pride and more.
Bible Talk with Mary


BTWM Course
Your lunch hour just got better! Come and join us or tune in to Bible Talk with Mary, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 CT. Join Mary Banks, as she give God's perspective on taboo topics

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