Apostolic Order

God is a God of order and has established His government in the Earth. This course identifies God’s spiritual government for the church as the five-fold ministry gifts installed by Him to develop and govern His people. It highlights the responsibilities of all five-fold ministers and their responsibility in the lives of God’s people. It further teaches how the apostolic government will bring the body of Christ into the unity of the Faith.

Rightly Dividing the Word I

This course is designed to bring the student into an understanding of how to study the bible “line upon line” and “precept upon precept”. This study emphasizes the importance of allowing the scriptures to interpret themselves, as there is no private interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.


Pastor's Anointing

This course lays a scriptural foundation for the operation of the pastoral gift in the church. It outlines the relationship of this gift relative to the other ministry gifts, with a special focus on the Apostolic mantle as outlined in the early Church. It highlights the importance of training and maintaining certain spiritual disciplines, in order to be effective in ministry.

Thought War I

This course is an exciting revelation that helps you win the battle in your mind. It teaches how to overcome hurts and offenses that have held you captive and hindered you from fulfilling the purpose of God in your life. You will not only learn to identify and overcome oppositions, but also learn how the mind can remain free from the thought war.

Discerning Spiritual Operations

The gift of discerning of spirits has been so misused in the church today. This course highlights the purpose of this gift, teaches the truth about discernment and outlines the “how – to” of discerning yourself and others.